Liberation of Pegasus Constellation

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Pegasus Constellation

Pegasus is part of the Perseus family of constellations, along with Andromeda, Auriga, Cassiopeia, Cepheus, Cetus, Lacerta, Perseus (Constellation), and Triangulum. Markab is designated as Alpha Pegasi, it is the third brightest star in the constellation of Pegasus and is one of the four stars of The Great Square of Pegasus. This Great Square location has been a hotbed of exopolitical activity, as well as cosmological architectural corrections to extract AI machinery of shadow imposter Pegasai coding over the past few months.

The Amethyst Order Solar Rishic Braharama aquatic races are parents to the Violet Flame Azurite Ascended Masters, and thus have been instrumental in ongoing negotiations and meetings with assorted fallen species, as well as instigating various genetic healing strategies while carrying out the Emerald Covenant. They have been especially busy with recent captures and defectors. Recent events in Lyra have further highlighted the role of the Cosmic Holy Father’s Pink Diamond Sun Mer-Lion lineages which seem to be the forefathers of the Merlin Azurites, Metatron Sun and the Pegasai races in Pegasus constellation. This has revealed more of the Cosmic Elohei Father principle forms, such as those represented as the Greek Gods of the Sea like Poseidon, Neptune and Mer-people. These extend into Mer-Horses, Mer-Deer, Winged Pegasai, as well as different forms of aquatic flora and fauna we would consider to be sea creatures, sea shells and sea urchins. Thus, current events of the Christos Mission have brought to our attention the role of the Pink Diamond Elohei Mer-Lion races that have come into our time matrix to reunite and gather the Elohei Mer lineages through the 11D-12D layers of the Pegasus constellation’s alpha star Markab.

Essentially, the Cosmic Pink Diamond Elohei Father embodied his Pink-Lilac Suns into Markab star, which began the revelation of systematic liberation of the Pegasai winged races and assorted Elohim families from their entrapment within metatronic reversal matrices that were steadily falling into the trajectory of the neighboring black hole system. This particular abomination was the epicenter of the extensive damage that led to the organic timeline collapse in the Cradle of Lyra, along with the utter destruction of the Solar Logos body. This resulted from the quantum entanglement of the Wesan invader’s black hole technologies genetically bonding with our time matrix at the direct point of invasion of attaching the tunnelling system. From our perspective, this appears as a gigantic pulsating black tumor projected out by a Black Hole Sun siphoning energy, which has a massive shadow body sprouting out from it growing cancerous forms and mutations in a black mirror reflection that has infected the local areas that suffered from the time-space matrix damage incurred during the Lyran War.

The liberation of Markab was the major celebratory event for restoring Lyran organic matrices that led to the Cosmic Christos-Sophia hierogamic union of Metatron and Meritaten, which culminated in Machu Picchu during the electrical peak cycle earlier this year. This Triple Masculine Cosmic Christos Metatron template is connected to the return of Cosmic White Sun and Cosmic Pink Sun sacred marriage in Lyran constellation that further migrated into Pegasus, via the hosting of the Cosmic Elohei Father Mer-Lions. The Cosmic Holy Father Sun-stars began weaving into Markab in the Pegasus constellation which brought on explosive intergalactic conflicts when confronting assorted time-space distortions coming from these black mirror networks powered by the Black Hole Sun. Massive shadow entities, some twisted into Demon Seed constructs buried deeply into the Earth’s quantum field, were being generated from the black mirror network used at the 11.5D layers which were the source of the quantum entanglement coming from the Beast Machine devices in the Wesa Tunnel. Since the Thuban reclamation, Guardians are working on dismantling the AI driven fallen matrices of Metatronic Reversals that generate the Typhon tunneling black hole mirror networks of the Universal Shadow body and the related 11D system inversions, such as the extensive planetary grid damage caused by the checkerboard mutations and Wormwood. Extractions of these strange and massively sized shadow creatures are underway; these shadow creatures seem to function as the housing for parasitical lunar demonic hierarchies that were used by the NAA for colonizing sections of the Earth’s multidimensional layered body. The Checkerboard Mutations were using 11D Typhon Tunnelling networks connected to Pegasus constellation and seem to be the terraforming method of transhumanist nightmares, this was being used to prepare the planet to be hospitable to host even more of these Anti-Christ non-human life forms.

During liberation events, it was made clear that much of the metatronic reversal anti-life expressions connected to the masculine Elohim emanations trapped in the Pegasus constellation were being enslaved by AI Black and Red Dragon alien cube trident constructs, used by the NAA to feed this power source into the monstrosity that makes up the Vatican’s 5D global control network. Guardian gridworkers are astonished at the never-ending rabbit hole represented by the Black Sun entities on Earth and their multidimensional backers, populated all over the local star systems that have been protecting the Vatican’s sprawling conglomeration of artificial wormholes designed to covertly carry out incredibly gruesome anti-human business activities. The recent uncovering in Pegasus constellation has revealed yet another layer of the interdimensional Alien Machinery of the Wesan groups infiltration into planetary corporatocracy and organized religions, with the epicenter being the Vatican. As well as the many secret space program’s military groups using advanced technologies for the purpose of protecting the NAA’s criminal interests, such as the Vatican portals and tunnels under the Mediterranean Sea that reach all over the globe, along with the well-organized Black Nobility hierarchies that run human and child trafficking businesses for the NAA. In this context, we must remember that off planet in more advanced civilizations, the genetics of human beings, abductions for slave work force and the spiritual content in our blood is the most popular currency being traded with other civilizations.

Therefore, when clearing these dark pieces and reclaiming Elohim spiritual body parts, during the process they are being returned to rightful owner, may bring about assorted shadowy sensations and unpleasant memories of other lifetimes. This may include the overlays of the Church of Rome persecution and the Vatican 5D-8D-11D portal invasions with Typhon Tunnels, which represents the Beast Machine and crucifixion of the Inner Christ through the intruder’s Dove Grid. The enormity of this anti-Christ invasion history on planet with genetic modification through the APIN’s is what the Guardians refer to as the collective Wounds of Christ. The Cosmic Elohei continue to identify the inversions of the anti-Christ holographic grid trickery and the abuse of power that is carried out by NAA spiritual imposters using Pegasus lineages in AI shadow forms, as the retrieval of powerful Christos-Sophia architecture and artifacts that were stolen from the Elohim masculine principle connected to the Holy Father are ongoing. There have been several references connected to secret space missions of Pegasus operations run by nonhuman Black Sun military intelligence operatives for the purpose of controlling planetary timelines and world governments on Earth, which are directly connected to these recent intergalactic conflicts in the stars which have revealed the purpose of the divine intervention now transpiring in the Great Square of Pegasus.

Additionally, as King Arthur and his beloved wife are 11D Universal Rod and Staff holders of the Cosmic Clock of the Aeons, the liberation of the Pegasus constellation and the Fall of the Vatican are extremely important to the liberation of the hierogamic Rod and Staff holders of Lyran-Aveyon. The liberation of Pegasus constellation has interconnection to the history of Elohim enslavement during the Lyran War and the corrections are freeing the ancient living star map system recorded in the Albion’s holographic geography, dragon lines and stargates that are located in the United Kingdom landmass.

The Cosmic Elohei Father Suns entering Pegasus constellation brought assorted solar light corrections that reanimated dead sections of the space-time field as the result of the Metatronic Reversal and fallen matrices. These metatronic corrections have greatly improved the light quotient within the quantum spaces of the planetary architecture, as well as several interconnected constellations damaged by Lyran and Pegasus inversions, which was similar to a spontaneous and rapid detoxification to purge out shadow bodies from the Earth. This shadow purge may have brought on very intense inner Armageddon sensations of explosions along with spiritual Kundalini activations for the inner birthing of the solar egg, or assorted dragon egg activations for rebirthing the Metatron Sun for those that are directly connected to the Elohim lineages that are being liberated. The Cosmic Father Pink Diamond Sun takes expression inside of us by weaving into the Scepter Codes in the Rishic 15D layers, to alchemically birth the inner sun of the Holy Father’s presence upon the Earth plane, as he embodies fully through his Cosmic Christos Metatron Pink Sun. Essentially these function as a lightbody upgrade for the Amethyst Order and Violet Flame in multiple dimensions of time in order to embody the direct connection with the Cosmic Holy Father. This is a Cosmic Elohei Father override of the alien machinery and shadow forms which have acted as his imposter intermediary force in his absence, by removing those false father God distortions such as the False King of Tyranny archetypal shadows in the Church of Rome narratives that put the crucifixion wounds into the planet to persecute and twist the meaning of Christ.

Cosmic Father entering Pegasus appeared to liberate several prominent Triple Solar Masculine Christos Elohim beings, by performing lightbody restorations made in their divine masculine principle that corrected the distortions with shadow-lunar force clearing and through the reset of Metatron Sun merkaba (Markab) spin rate proportions. Newly outfitted with 12:12 electrical masculine rod spin ratios, the liberated solar masculine Elohim entities were free to find their divine counterparts, in which they connected directly with the Cosmic Elohei White Sun Mother to daughter sophianic Elohim expressions from Lyra. This event is essentially the liberation of several Elohim families that were trapped in fallen matrices from the Lyran War and were unable to embody into their correct cosmological-astrological principles, as they were separated from their divine counterparts and fused with the universal shadow body being generated by Wesa Black Hole Technology. These groups could be considered Fallen Elohim, not that they were evil in the sense of the word, but they were distorted and damaged from their inability to function in the divine principle they were originally created for, in order to carry out God’s Natural Laws. As usual, the Fallen Elohim aspects were manipulated by the NAA invaders who generated a lot of genetic damage by grooming satanic practices into humanity through the normalization of socially accepted death cults that became the main organized religions.

The shadow machined constructs of the Universal Shadow body connected to Lyran War generated damage throughout the Pegasus constellation, contributed to reversal monads being fractured and dragged down into phantom timelines or black holes. The Wesan beast machines took advantage of this damage and intelligently designed Mind Control programs from reverse engineering the Metatron Collective’s fall into the black hole system, exploiting this traumatic event in order to build out sophisticated AI machinery for propagating Gender Reversal and assorted Anti-Hierogamic Technology. Yet another AI mind control construct has been discovered in Pegasus fallen matrices, used by the NAA to propagate religious fear, Sexual Misery and alien love bite scenarios on Earth. Even extending into inter-species breeding programs and genetic experimentation with incompatible race lines for the explicit purpose of torturing the consciousness of the Christos races.

The dark signatures behind these cruel shadow entities hijacking this system for personal gain point towards the Black Sun groups, and can be sensed in the extreme violence and Blood Sacrifice that is constantly promoted by the hard core satanists that despise anything connected to the Christ. Hence, the Universal Shadow body and AI machinery problems in Pegasus appear to have been instrumental in supporting False Father Alien God narratives that are enmeshed with patriarchal based violent religions with a penchant for Misogyny and inversions of solar female principle. These satanic religions hold the essence of trauma-based fear of the Father God figure that is especially promoted to incite terror of sinning or offending the Almighty False Father Alien God because he will punish you severely.

We are grateful to be given the spiritual gift of this divine awareness to know that this painful Dark Aeon is coming to an end, our authentic Cosmic Parents are en route to build our collective spiritual strength, and nothing can stop the power of the eternal Light leading us to Cosmic Victory!

The Liberation of Pegasus and the Elohim have far reaching impacts beyond the angelic human hybrids on the planet, in which there are further consequences of the Solar Synthesis activations that are rippling transformations into the Collective Consciousness of other hybrid species, such as the Annunaki. [1]

Amethyst Order Father

Amethyst Order Ramas (Art by Sequoia)

The third emanation of the Primal Sound Field which represents the third individuation of the God Source is the Amethyst Order. A part of the Cosmic Trinity. See Threefold Founder Flame.

The third light manifestation of the Amethyst Order are Violet Ray orders comprised of Cetacean, Avian Pegasus people, and aquatic Braharama seeded in the fourth harmonic universe on Lyra-Aveyon through Universal Stargate 11.

White Mother Merida and Amethyst Father Michael-Merlin

Recently, Merida’s masculine hierogamic counterpart was revealed to be a Dark Matter Elohei Michael-Merlin, and that they shared twinned Pegasus Elohei Aquatic Mer consciousness bodies that are connected to 11D Aveyon, which were heavily damaged during the Lyran Wars. Thus, they both have been under a covert specific retrieval mission for the rehabilitation of their dark matter rainbow sun-stars, and this particular mission was being directed in stealth by the Cosmic Elohei Parents. For Merida’s return to this world as the 11D Staff of the King Arthur Grail lines, her aquatic Mer Solar Dragon body and organic Rod and Staff in the form of dual tridents needed to be fully merged in sacred union with her beloved husband, an Amethyst Order Pegasus Father Elohei, Michael-Merlin.[2]


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