Red Cube Egyptian Pantheon

An Artificial Tree of Life was cloned into a sub structure in which this Red Cube Egyptian Pantheon tree is used as the main grid architecture for cloning Serres-Egyptian identities from Tara that are connected to the Azurites on Gaia. These red cube cloned identities are used to power up the black magic money debt enslavement structures put in place by the Orion Group, and used by the cabal bankers to manipulate financial markets and maintain global wealth in the hands of their satanic and luciferian bloodlines.

Tree of Life Blockages (art by Sequoia)

Thus, the true and accurate Egyptian history was replaced with the Black Sun agenda of inserting the AI Red Cube Tree of Life for representing the Egyptian Pantheon of Gods, along with their Black Magic rituals, and this cloned pantheon was to be enforced through worship by the installation of the Setian King lines, Hyksos and the Amun Snake Priesthood. These groups in the Middle East would eventually integrate into the Greek Mystery Schools and further evolve into the corrupted lineages of the secret societies that formed the Luciferian Knights Templars and Freemasons. These secret societies were initiated into the secrets of the Artificial Tree of Life through the Great Ennead, in which the Egyptian pantheon was cloned for use in black magic ritual being supported by the NAA to maintain their power, manipulating timelines and human consciousness since the Sumerian-Egyptian Invasion.

During the Djoser Invasion from a 5D wormhole that was used to takeover operational portals in the region, the NAA infiltration of the Djoser regime began by murdering those that had access to Atlantian arc tools that were operating these portals. Draconian satanic controlled forces first invaded the region of Saqqara, which began the gradual infiltration of Lunar Consciousness black magic spells and blood ritual practices that were designed to override and reverse the Solar Consciousness practices of those following the Law of One.

From this point of the Egyptian invasion during the 3rd Dynasty, the NAA introduced incantations, spells and lunar-satanic blood sacrifice philosophies which included the insertion of the Artificial Tree of Egyptian Gods where these cloned identities would be worshipped and manipulated through black magic rituals. In this way, they set up the satanic alien religion in Egypt by introducing black magic spells and rituals to contact the NAA who use the Artificial Tree and AI cube system to manage the cloned false gods, and gather the energy exchanges between the humans on the Earth worshipping them in rituals. This Artificial Tree system exchanges in multiple timelines and involves a type of time travelling through different satanic portals that were set up for this purpose by these alien entities. Thus, these same cloned identities are in use today along with their symbolism and black magic religion that is deeply entwined within the Controller Pillars of Society and enforces black magic Egyptian Curses on the global money supply. Black Dragon AI hybrids and assorted demonic entities protect these black magic money systems and defend their servants, many of which appear to be well known politicians, CEO’s and international bankers.

The Djoser Invasion timeline is the trigger event in relationship to dismantling the Red Nile Cube cloned identities that are used in an artificial Egyptian Pantheon, in which these identities have been cloned and worshipped in black magic rituals within secret society pyramidal organizations used by the bloodlines, to gather mass amounts of energy from the NAA to carry out the One World Order of Satan.

This AI cube technology is a gordian knot of inversions, reversals, clones, false history, human blood sacrifice covenants and satanism enmeshed throughout human civilization. In order for humanity to begin to unravel this mess of cloned identities and AI cube technology, we have to first see how the corrupt financial structure has been using human child blood sacrifice as its underpinning in order to globally enslave human beings. Artificial systems were created throughout human society by alien forces which were not sustainable in natural systems, so they set up blood sacrifice of innocents via Satanism in order to conjure the sorcery and siphon the Soul energy through ritual worship of AI False Gods (Egyptian Pantheon, Osiris, Isis, etc.), which was required to maintain their corrupt power and financial stronghold for total world domination.[1]

Red Nile Cube

Red Nile Cube Technology

Additionally, the Red Cube AI technology is designed to be a genetic code crasher for anti-hierogamic union or to create interference through an alien love bite scenario that engages that person in heavy emotional dramas via Victim-Victimizer archetypes and mistaken identity, by keeping the inner and outer gender principles split apart. The Red Cube technology capitalizes on painful emotional astral damage and mistaken identity, confusing identities, so that the target cannot tell who is who, what are the false timelines and imposters versus the authentic identity. The targeted person can mistake AI digital twins inserted into their hologram as their twin soul, or whatever else that can be included to interfere with integrated spiritual Ascension by confusing them with mistaken identity or Hero-Savior archetypes. This includes the target believing that they are this special identity from an inserted digital twin of a cloned Ascended Master in their lightbody, in which this clone runs AI red wave, false feminine violet programming or other artificial frequencies, which is quite common in the new age circles without Negative Ego training and Victim-Victimizer clearing.[2]

Red Cube Cloned Identities

Between the tragic grid events of the Babylon Massacre and the Djoser Invasion in Saqqara, Egypt, an Artificial Tree of Life was cloned into a sub structure in which this Red Cube Egyptian Pantheon tree was used as the main grid architecture for cloning Christos Founder and Serres-Egyptian identities connected to the Christos identities on Gaia. These assorted AI based red cube cloned identities such as False Ezekiel, False Akhenaton, and False Yeshua are AI holograms used to confuse, divide and conquer humanity by putting the power, control and global wealth into the hands of their invading races of Satanic and luciferian bloodlines so they rise to be the dominant ruling classes.[3]

Red Trident

The second layer of artificial capstones are in the Galactic Stargate in 7D Saturn attached to inorganic orbit of 11D Chiron, which enthroned Isis and Osiris as Gender Reversal capstones blocking the natural inner male-female integration at the monadic matrix layers. Further this matrix was being governed by Inverted 7D Violet Ray of the Red Cube Egyptian Pantheon entities called Horus-RA, generating the False Feminine pale magenta fields at the crown designed to lock down 1D through 7D by corrupting the elemental layers in the planetary KA body.[4]

Egyptian Nine Ennead

The Ennead was a group of nine deities in Egyptian mythology. The Ennead were worshipped at Heliopolis and consisted of the god Atum, his children Shu and Tefnut, their children Geb and Nut and their children Osiris, Isis, Set and Nephthys.

The creation account of Heliopolis relates that from the primeval waters represented by Nun, a mound appeared on which the self-begotten deity Atum sat. Bored and alone, Atum spat producing Shu, representing the air and Tefnut, representing moisture. Shu and Tefnut mated and brought forth Geb, representing the earth, and Nut, representing the nighttime sky. Because of their initial closeness, Geb and Nut engaged in continuous copulation until Shu separated them, lifting Nut into her place in the sky. The children of Geb and Nut were the sons Osiris and Set and the daughters Isis and Nephthys, which in turn formed couples.[5]

Thuban's Role in Hijack of Earth

This takeover of Thuban was critically important in the hijack of the Earth’s energy currents running throughout the thousands of Pyramids and Sun Clock Monoliths, and other holographic grid features built into the planetary Ley Lines by the Emerald Founder Elohei. These structures functioned as harmonic resonators and cellular memory record keepers for synchronizing timelines with the celestial star patterns gridded in the plasmic webs of constellations. During the final setback events, these plasmic webs and grid constructs were repurposed with Alien Machinery to control all related Egyptian symbology and tetrahedron geometries, through satanic blood rituals that were conducted on major Dragon Nodes across the globe by the Black Sun Power Elite. Over many years, Guardian Host has been connecting with their angelic human Diamond Sun counterparts on Earth in order to reverse engineer how this extensive AI architecture held in Thuban star was being used by the Black Sun entities to invade our planet. This was powered up in part through Egyptian based black magic sorcery, used for siphoning massive amounts of collective Loosh energy to build their phantom systems and AI time loops.[6]

Isis Treaty, Lunar female Distortions

  • The second layer of artificial capstones are in the Galactic Stargate in 7D Saturn attached to inorganic orbit of 11D Chiron, which enthroned Isis and Osiris as Gender Reversal capstones blocking the natural inner male-female integration at the monadic matrix layers. Further this matrix was being governed by Inverted 7D Violet Ray of the Red Cube Egyptian Pantheon entities called Horus-RA, generating the False Feminine pale magenta fields at the crown designed to lock down 1D through 7D by corrupting the elemental layers in the planetary KA body. See Red Trident.

As the result of the havoc caused by the Moon, Guardian Host negotiated the Isis Treaty as the short-term solution to get Founder, Starseeds and Indigos with partially operating Christos diamond sun templates incarnated into the timelines, and to find lost spiritual family members and help to prepare for the final conflict of the 2012 timeline. The Isis Treaty was connected to the lunar female lineages of avian Egyptian-Serres modeled from original female staff holders in Taran timelines, which the controlling forces wanted to impregnate for the purpose of breeding programs aimed at genetically experimenting with the Code of The Blue Nile. These were of the highest and most complex Blue Flame Melchizedek genetics of the Emerald Founder’s diamond sun body design, which the NAA wanted for their own purposes of incarnating lunar consciousness and shadow entities onto the planet and in order to have superior genetic forms to gain dominion over the Earth and other territories.[7]

Stolen History with Clones

The Solar Female Melchizedek family has had the perilous job of waking up to transfigure inner lunar satanic forces of Sexual Misery programming, while identifying inorganic female principles and alien implants that block sophianic triple solar embodiment. Further, to make these lightbody corrections within in order to find and retrieve the planet’s original Triple Solar Masculine rod holders, and as well to locate their own hierogamic partners. These are the Cosmic Christos Solar Dragon Kings (Rishi-Reisha) that have been trapped, plunged into stasis or had their massive consciousness body parts split apart and strewn across the planet by the invaders. They remain in states of amnesia until their body parts are reassembled and integrated, and thus the stolen history of the red nile cube Egyptian pantheon that tells of Isis returning her husband Osiris’s body parts in order to reanimate his consciousness and give birth to the offspring Horus, was hijacked by the NAA and designed to be a mockery of the Christ. However, the Egyptian storyline has many truthful nuggets describing the search to identify and retrieve spiritual body parts for Christos Solar Dragon Rishi-Reisha family, as the Solar Feminine Melchizedeks, not the lunar form Isis, have been searching for their beloved lost husbands and their Christos Diamond Sun body parts for multiple millennia. [8]

Guardian Akhenaton's Ruby Order Mission

Through the deeply personal spiritual connection and many communications with Akhenaton, it became apparent to discern the artificial messages of his many implanted imposters that pretend to wear his identity across the planet, some defiling his image through the blood rituals of Luciferian high priests. There are many holographic clones and implanted false identities with Sirian Annunaki Enki DNA Overlays designed to obfuscate the truth about Atlantian-Egyptian histories, in order to hijack his authentic timelines for correcting Cosmic Father Ruby Order genetics. Along with the specialized Emerald Guardian mission to embody the 5D Realm keeper position with his divine counterpart and genetic equal, to help guide the planetary Ascension and now, return the Cosmic Father Ruby Ankh Body, Ruby Templar and Ruby Rod to the planet.

Shift from Lunar to Solar Zodiac Imprints

During the month of October [2023], the planet endured the next stage of bifurcation, whereby there was another major event with the Separation of Worlds between the Lunar Matrix distortions of the 3D zodiacal calendar positions and another new formation with corrected Sun-Star Networks aligning the 5D zodiacal calendar positions. The corrected Solar Calendar Positions for the ascending timeline zodiacal alignments have now begun, there is no turning back.

From this new vantage point returning Solar Rishic Ascended Masters can fully perceive the complexity of the NAA’s Alien Machinery and its monstrosity of time stacked Beast Machine networks manufactured in AI Red Wave for Red Shields. This has led to another stage of volatile confrontations unfolding in the United Kingdom’s 11th Stargate Network for the reseating of the ultimate capstone of the 48D Emerald Order hierogamic quadrata templar for anchoring Red King Arthur and White Queen Guinevere.

Spiritual Warfare has ensued in order to dismantle and evict the NAA-Enki gestalts seated throughout the Red Trident network, focused upon the eviction of 7D Saturnian-Lunar matrix hierarchies of Osiris-Isis and reclaim those particular gates from the red shield networks used by the NAA’s human controllers, that are intrinsic to the return of the Emerald Order. [9]


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