Peruvian Stargate Invasion

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Lake Titicaca Map [1]

During the 7D Gaian invasion an entire planetary shadow body was formed through the use of advanced Black Hole Technology in which an AI replication of the Gaian Matrix was captured. This impacted the Planetary Logos, which functions as the Magnetosphere in the lower timelines of Earth and held the original diamond sun blueprint and natural laws governing the entire Chakra Wave Spectrum transmitting from Ursa Major into the Sun and then into the planetary body. The Earth’s magnetic brain was corrupted by the 7th dimensional planetary logos layers when the 7D Violet Ray transmissions became inverted into reversal current and strategically hijacked by several factions of the NAA forces. Also, Saturn is the 7D Solar Stargate, so it was utilized to continue to pump out reversal violet ray plasmas or Inverted 7D Violet Ray through the Peruvian gateway system, and this Gaian Shadow Body distortion was generating reversal plasmas and reversal violet light throughout the planetary grid network. These reversal plasmas were designed to ignite and feed the Demon Seed that exists in the Shadow Selves or negative forms of humanity, which the recent bioweapon injection was designed to fully empower. See Inverted 7D Violet Ray and Red Trident.

With the Earth’s field weakened by inverted 7D violet current, the Black Sun Omicron Draconian races from Alpha Draconis generated an artificial wormhole on the 7D axiatonal line that connected with the 7D stargate in Lake Titicaca, Peru. This timeline trigger event occurred shortly after the Luciferian Covenant in order to compete with the Belial Groups planetary takeover agenda. This alien wormhole system, also known as the Phoenix and Falcon Wormholes, connected to Phantom Arcturus and was intended to link Omicron-Draconian-Rigelian genetic bonds with the planetary grid network by ripping black holes in the space-time fabric and siphoning the planetary life force to be re-directed into Thuban. This was an extensive system of alien AI machinery that was constructed as a Phantom Matrix for use by the Alpha Draconis-Orion Group network linked with Wesa.

In April 2012, we were sent to recon intelligence from the Mira Flores Zeta Draconian Looking Glass soul farm near Lima, Peru, which had several functions for global anti-hierogamic mind control including; alien love bite, sexual implants, genetic rose code crashers, Gender Fin sex reversals, black and Red Cube technology and massive tanks of cloned human body parts. This AI run system was perpetuating Black Rose coding inversions into satanic couplings that were running the global satanic networks on planet in embodiments that represent the Azazael-Black Lilith, Osiris-Isis and Moloch-Consettia hierarchies. These anti-Christ couples were given cloned diamond sun genetic parts from authentic Azurites and Cosmic Christos Solar Dragons, misusing these cloned maji grail body parts for maintaining their power in the planetary grid network when performing human and child sacrifice to service these Alpha Draconis entities. In the center of the Peruvian cesspool, was a massive Black Dragon Timekeeper construct for running lunar forces through the AI timelines. Within it were multiple thousands of compartments of Wesa cloned matrices running Metatronic Reversal currents to pervert organic timelines and trap souls, by binding them to their cloned version on the AI Timelines. The Peruvian Gateway 7D invasion includes the 5D Macchu Picchu Stargate linked underground into the Vatican, which further connects to the underground Atlantic Ocean Black Rose Harvesting Station for human and child trafficking in the underground tunnel and water systems. Many of the elites had private islands and submersibles, these are small watercraft that are designed to operate underwater and thus far away from prying eyes.

The 7D current locations in the planetary grid are currently undergoing a major overhaul as the Cosmic Elohei have returned into their Solar Dragon God body, to evict this extensive antichrist matrix connected into the Peruvian Gates along with the entities from Alpha Draconis running it. The announcement of the return of Emerald Order Elohei, reveals as their Cosmic Dragon Star Twinned Plasma Domes are now made visible two miles above the peak of Macchu Picchu and underground in the Earth. Cosmic Holy Father and his Plasma Dome embodied in the Aquarian Solar Dragon in the air element taking the northern position on top of Macchu Picchu, while his counterpart the Cosmic Mother Dragon and her Plasma Dome took the water element into the southern position, located about two miles underneath the crust in the planet’s aquifer system.

A primary directive of the Alpha Draconis group through the Phoenix-Falcon and 7D Arcturus wormholes linked into Peru, has been to gain complete control over the remnants of the planetary instruction sets connected to phantom matrix clones of Nibiru and Tiamat timelines. This was an Annunaki-Nibiruian network that was siphoning massive amounts of planetary quanta from the 11D stargate networks in the United Kingdom. The Leviathan entities were placed in the Tiamat wormhole that was ripped open between Sarasota, Florida and Temple Mount, Jerusalem in order to guard the 2D layers of the Baphomet network used by the global satanists for human blood sacrifice which connected into the underground aquifers, dumbs and tunnels as well as the many water systems of the planet. In the Pearl Activation, Solar Christ Michael and Mary underwent their Cosmic Christos Blue Rainbow Sun initiation, in which they are seated in the Heavenly Jerusalem, which effectively flushed out the Leviathan from the underground. These comprised both extradimensional entities and semi physical beings that were living in the underground tunnel systems and aquifers, which were being protected by the 7D Alpha Draconis nest in Peru.

The Omicron-Draconians and their hybrids from the Alpha Draconis network are affiliated with the mind control mechanisms used to enslave human consciousness through the Black Sun’s Church of Rome, Islamic extremism, Nazi groups, Maltese Knights, Santeria and related Voodoo religions, Black Dragon Queens with hijacked Red Rose mysteries, certain schools of Reiki as well as African-Aztec-Peruvian shamanism. The monstrosity they built in the Peruvian gate system is finally coming to an end. However, we can see the extent of the immense damage they have spread throughout humanity with their twisted satanic death ideologies. Many people will require in depth spiritual healing and Compassionate Witnessing when they wake up from this nightmare. [2]

Dismantling Orion Matrix AI

Additionally, several phantom wormholes in South America were found to have feedback links into Orion's Belt during additional dismantling of the NAA's artificial red and black cube technologies, connected to black stones inserted across the globe (i.e., Mecca's Kaaba Cube, Saturn's Cube) that occurred during the Peruvian Stargate Invasion. As Guardians uncovered more alien machinery running artificial 5D timelines with false rod and staff networks embedded in the Peruvian network, it was made clear that the Omicron Draconians made alliances with Annunaki and other factions also using artificial wormhole technologies, which later formed into the Orion Group. These factions further extended their reach by duplicating their Omicron Dragon Moth Pindarian control center into another Black Sun control base with Red Cube technologies from Draco constellation's alpha star Thuban, connecting into the extensive Orion Matrix AI run False Father God Umbilicus system within the three main stars that make up Orion's Belt.[3]


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