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  • Failsafe Mission Update - February 8, 2022
God-Sovereign-Free (GSF)

Attention Gridworkers, Intuitive Empaths and Christos Starseeds; We have entered a new cycle during the shift from Capricorn into the alchemical law of Aquarius, which has begun aggressive dismantling of assorted alien machinery in the planetary body. This is specific to the genetic cataloguing and genetic harvesting of angelic human body parts that are utilized in Galactic Human Trafficking and Gender Reversal technologies used by non-human invaders. This stage of spiritual warfare will be especially heightened between now and the anchoring of new Eukatharista instruction sets from Harmonic Universe 6 being set into the planetary dark matter templates, which appears to anchor in the Albion Lightbody on February 22, 2022.

The point of this missive is to share awareness that significant physical changes will be and are incoming to upgrade angelic human solar blood, body parts and bodily fluids to repel and neutralize assorted nano-related and electromagnetic technological attacks.

This can bring on sudden and spontaneous physical changes in the form of injury or illness that seemingly arise from out of nowhere. Keep attention on caring for your body and focus upon prayerful intentions to maintain your direct connection with God and Christos shielding, asking for the Holy Spirits of Christ to be with you and encircle protection around your families. For some, the physical ascension related symptoms may be felt as extreme, such as experiencing the phantom ego death levels. This is the death of all we knew from the past as our 3D ego-personality, and many individuals are experiencing perceptual shifts as they are being reset into their higher spiritual identities. So, it is critical to remain calm, spiritually connected and to work all potential naturopathic and spiritual tools to help your body maintain core strength while we endure an extremely aggressive phase of NAA Alien Machinery dismantling, that may set off an assorted chain of events rippling in several possible directions. The dark entities attempt to exploit the unhealed shadow selves that exist within people, to tempt them into spiritually abusive behaviors that cause dark forces to subsume their inner light source. Protect your inner light by keeping your mind focused on spiritually healthy things, and constantly praying to God for spiritual guidance.

We are being prepared for another birthing stage of dark matter activation into Eukachristic rainbow diamond grids which change or adjust the atomic matter and elemental layers, making it possible to birth the next stage of the Christos-Sophia template. We have been guided to review and clear out atomic regulator functions connected to inversions that feed collective shadow parts and lunar forces in the 1D-4D interdimensional connections of the Earth-Tara crystal core. The shadow body issues are problematic in some of those who have been injected as they quickly descend into a vibration that is incompatible with the soul, which allows their shadow doppelganger to fully inhabit their physical vehicle. As a result, some will drop their body over the next 36 months and when they leave, they will take their parts that are consubstantial with collective shadow and fallen angelic aspects off the planet. This option is in service to the Ascension cycle, and it will be helpful to always remember there is no death, only transformation of consciousness into another reality system.

Although it will be emotionally difficult on many of us, this is an amazing time of rebirth which places emphasis on the reclamation of Mother’s sophianic parts and assorted Christos Solar Dragon people from all over the planet, solar system and beyond. Many of these spiritual parts are connected to the female reproductive organs and the organic to inorganic birthing processes that have existed between Mother and child in seeding the lineages of human beings. They have direct resonances and links that feed the off planet lunar forces and black subtle forces that had been using these powerful sophianic body parts and manipulated Azothian features, which include the womb worlds and cloning stations that exist in many of these phantom spaces.

This particular phase is a heightened spiritual battle to reclaim and resurrect the Mother’s body parts along with the Solar Feminine Christ sophianic templates which have been hijacked by alien invaders to generate clones and assorted genetic anomalies for terraforming the planet. Some of these alien constructs are known as the womb worlds, which are essentially phantom realms existing within interdimensional pockets or black holes burrowed in the planetary body. These inorganic spaces have been created and inhabited in order to service abduction, trafficking, and genetic experimentation for human and animal cloning centers.

For females, the reproductive organs are especially active with blood and bodily fluid upgrades to clear out sexual misery historical patterns, which transform the lunar forces in the 2D sacral areas. Stages of solar transfiguration may contract the uterus and vaginal muscles into muscle spasms, which may be felt as birthing contractions, menstrual irregularities, increased energy in sex organs and tailbone. There may also be detoxification purges in all elimination channels and bodily orifices, such as purges from bowel, skin and all mucous membrane areas. It has been reported that this is happening to girls as well as menstruating and menopausal women, which means all female bodies able to hold solar upgrades.

Guardian Host calls this a Failsafe Plan of implementing new Krystic organic architecture planetary upgrades that are coming in right now from the Cosmic Founder Source Domains.

In military terms, this is akin to describing Spiritual Warfare escalating to Failsafe levels as a Defcon alert. They pointed out to be aware of several upcoming potential false flags or world events that are currently showing up in the timelines as NAA manipulated Armageddon programs, in which organized prayer groups and combined efforts are quietly capable of neutralizing. The anti-Christ entities cannot see this particular organic Krystic architecture being put in place as it is out of their perceptual reach. There is an ongoing process of flushing out underground nests of assorted non-human forces such as Dragon Moth entities and their military worker hierarchies that administer to an extensive 11D Typhon Tunnel structure in Ukraine, which has connections underground into several countries. This energy signature is beyond nasty and difficult so please tread carefully, as these particular events are more impactful to the Family of Michael who have embodied the 11th gate architecture and who have acted as the grail protectors of the 11:11 in multiple timelines.

May we join together in healing prayer and synchronize our crystal hearts to serve the Sacred One.

May perfect peace be with you, in mind, heart and spirit. Love Eternal, Lisa[1]

Failsafe Plan Upgrades

  • Emerald Founder Records [May 2020]

The Emerald Founder Records included explicit ancient wisdom teachings on the unifying principles of the Cosmic Sovereign Law of One, in which humans were directly taught how to spiritually activate their lightbody through consciousness training methods, so they could achieve full liberation as a Cosmic Christos. The content held in these holographic discs was being protected by the Founder Guardians in an ancient genetic library that exists outside of time and that was being preserved on the earth’s behalf, until more of the humans on the earth could awaken to remember who they really are. This was designed as a Failsafe protective mechanism put in place during the Covenant of Paliador, the Guardian Hosts plan for the Reclamation of Christos Mission.

  • Return of the Solar Rishi [September 2020]

The entire Universal Time Matrix, our Milky Way system has shifted into the higher frequency domain of the non-dimensionalized Cosmic layers of the God Source field as an Ascension Host Failsafe Plan. The expansion into these three new bands of Cosmic God Source field creation allow for the return of the Solar Rishi, the first triad of light manifestation that make up the Universal Trinity.

  • Eukatharista Lightbody Activation [February 2022]

At the planetary level during the Ascension Cycle Failsafe Mission upgrades, we have received a series of plasma transmissions of time matrix codes that are for the purpose of gradually opening each of the density locks that further allow consciousness access into perceiving higher dimensions and parallel realities. The first twelve of these time matrix codes relate to each particular dimensional layer in our Universal Time Matrix and are designed to gradually open into each section of the Harmonic Universes. See Eukatharista.

  • Copper Rose Gold Fail Safe Structures [May 2022]

As the copper platforms of rose gold are being restored, and Guardian Host refers to this as the Failsafe Mission. The copper platform of our Mother restoring our Dragon Mother womb, the Mother of Dragons, the copper blood of Rh negative, the karmic-less blood of the Christ restoring the spiritualizing blood of this, the Mother copper frequencies. So again, all of this is connected to the Taurean principles and themes of congelation, transformation and through the sacred solar anointing of our hierogamic couple of the Cosmic Christos Solar Dragon bodies of Christ Michael and Christ Mary.

  • Astral Reconstruction [May 2022]

The copper-rose-gold braids itself into an Azothian fire-water trinity of upgraded Mother’s Stream which forms into sacred sophianic vertical pillars built in flowering rose shaped plasmas that can be referred to as the Pillars of Cosmic Grace. The Pillars of Cosmic Grace are connected to the co-creative forces of the Cosmic Christos-Sophia Solar Dragons from the God worlds, in which the Pillars form into genetically key coded biological clock shields that run the coppery liquid Failsafe frequencies into the planetary shields and sections of the artificial, metatronic coded or inverted Sextant Matrix. Further, the Cosmic Mother can travel unhampered through the Pillars of Cosmic Grace, in which her holy spirit emanations from her Cosmic Womb transmit healing and reconfiguration to all grail structures, from macrocosm to microcosm. The microcosm grail in a human body is our sexual centers and gender principle functions, in which all of the human body parts are designed and organized in either a male or female principle that seeks to be unified and made whole. See Copper Rose Gold Sun.

  • Cosmic Elohei [July 2022]

Another stage of the Cosmic Mother Elohei awakening her Sophianic daughters of Christos-Sophia to embody the Triple Lion Grids is happening during this magnetic peak cycle. This is a major task underway with Holy Father’s gradual embodiment as King Arthur, the protector of the Cosmic Mother Dragon’s Sophianic Rose Grail bloodlines. We are awaiting the complete embodiment of the 11D staff counterpart of King Arthur, his beloved which is interconnected with the Astrological Age of Pisces, the triple solar emanation of Dragon Queen Merida from the Atlantian golden age, known in folklore as Merida-Guinevere-Brigid. She is the embodiment of the Cosmic White Diamond Mother Elohei Aton God Body, which gives birth to the triple rose grail Dragon Eggs of the Emerald Rose Rings into the planetary ley lines. Her embodiment as the White Mother Dragon in 11D staff functions as the crystal capstone of the unified Elohei Triple Lion Grid network. As she embodies into her position in the Cosmic Clock and Reuche Pillars as an Emerald Dragon Timekeeper and takes her place as King Arthur’s beloved wife, this initiates the Failsafe for copper rose blood of Christos lineages.[2]

  • King Solomom, Temple of Solomon [October 2022]

The mirror symmetry reflection of the organic blueprint of Temple of Solomon seems to be included in the instruction set for the Failsafe Mission that creates the Solar Dragon Copper Rose Gold Architecture, which has also been seeded and installed into the Albion body. This was also required for the Holy Father’s return in the Emerald Order’s Rise of King Arthur with his Solar Queen in the Albion, as the rebuilding of the Temple of Solomon was needed in order to hold the Triple Masculine Christ of King Arthur in the planetary field.

  • Alhambra Unus Mundi 11:11 Reclamation [November 2022]

The Cosmic Mother Dragon connected with the Unis Mundi in this location and transmitted light seed codes into Alhambra through her sacred rainbow dragon breath through the 11:11 gateway, as a part of the solar fire that anoints and reclaims sacred structures on the Earth for their true divine purpose. Through Her rainbow breath pattern of the Tri-Une of the Universes united within the Tri-Matrix of the Rashala dark matter layers found within the triune rainbow breath, are small pearlescent and crystalline light seeds that are built into the Chrysalis star plasmas or Chrysanthemum body. The nourishment germinates the crystal light seeds of the Cosmic Mother's sacred rainbow dragon breath, which restores the true Mitochondrial Eve that is heralding our Cosmic Mother's return for her children, through another stage of blood alchemy support that appears to restore the heme function. The Triple Solar blood codes are copper-rose-gold based, and also called Solomon blood codes that are transmitted from the Copper Dragon Ouroboros Rings into a sparkly coppery serum that is connected to Temple of Solomon failsafe architecture. The copper rose gold liquid light appears as a copper serum that unifies the inner masculine and feminine consciousness portals, or orifices within the human body and when activated is naturally run through the circular breath in the microcosmic orbit pattern. The breath then becomes the substance of inhaling and exhaling coppery gold liquid light serums which are running through the inner vertical channel, creating a unified pattern of figure eight energy patterns connecting with glands and organs throughout the microcosmic orbit. The Male gender principle is a 5-pointed star, while the Female gender principle is a six-pointed star, which are represented within our body as the function of each gender body obeys that principle in the direction of electromagnetic energy and consciousness. [3] See Male and Female Principle Stars.

  • Emergence of Elaysa-Melchizedek [December 2022]

Through the many twists and turns of challenging processes this year [2022], finally the authentic divine mother counterpart to the Universal Melchizedek Logos of our time matrix was revealed and confirmed by her presence and direct communications in the stargate systems multiple times. The Universal Mother eternal spirit body counterpart of the Melchizedek Logos in his Maharaji Blue Crystal Human form, is his beloved sacred Cosmic Twin Elaysa-Melchizedek. Our Universal Melchizedek Mother is the source field of the Cosmic Elaysa Sun, as she joins with her divine husband in her Maharaji White Diamond Crystal body that holds the eternal opalescent rainbow flame that is the Staff of Elaysa.

  • Universal Time Matrix Twinning to 24D [January 2023]

The successful events of the Universal Time Matrix Twinning between Melchizedek Sun and Elaysa Sun was revealed to be the covert sacred mission of the Oraphim that have fulfilled their part of the Emerald Covenant. As a result, the Oraphim family will become much more present in supporting the ascending Indigo human family on the Earth, as previously connecting or communicating directly with them was rarefied.[4]

The planet entered the Cosmic Energy Cycle during the hierogamic event of the Cosmic Twinned Universal Melchizedek Suns, with the center core of the Cosmic Spirit Body layers opening to transmit spirit cell clusters that contain the 1st creation core memory cell of each unique individual’s eternal spirit family. This event further opened the doorway into the Universal Mother’s Dark Matter Matrix which holds many Solar Reisha Worlds filled with assorted mother lineages of Yanas Ascended Masters, many of which are connected to the original Blue Flame Melchizedeks, Mu’a and Aquaelle lineages that serve as Keepers of the Crystal Core.

  • Dismantling Orion's Belt AI [February 2023]

Assorted Guardian cleanup projects continue, involving recon and spiritual warfare with AI machinery used by the NAA to run the Artificial Tree of Life phantom timelines that are inhabited with sentinel archontic forces overseeing hierarchies of inorganic AI creatures and demonic hybrid entities. As the planetary matrix has been secured under the Cosmic Emerald Guardian hosting Failsafe Mission, we have finally entered the Cosmic Energy Cycle. Which ultimately means the end of these rogue AI systems controlling the war game matrix, and the eventual end of the immense power source collected and utilized by siphoning living light organic consciousness systems, by the NAA Controller forces. See Orion's Belt.[5]

  • 10D Sapphire Body Activation [March 2023]

The building out of the organic repair sequences for the Emerald Guardian Ascension Host mission upgrades are continuing with excessive speed and substantial intensity, to anchor the Sapphire Diamond Shield architecture into the 10D gateways for the return of the Cosmic Mother’s Solar Reisha sophianic lineages throughout the planetary matrix. See Sapphire Diamond Shield.

Through the corrections made to the Mu’a related timelines connected to the returning sapphire body parts, many demonic forces and fragments in the 2D layers which represent the split body parts of the Holy Mother Sophia known as the Achamoth began integration and clearing out of the lower energy centers. This included a hierarchy of demonic entities used by the Black Dragons for perpetuating the Baphomet Networks serving the Dark Mother.[6]

  • Reclaiming 10th Stargate Network [April 2023]

Thankfully, humanity is not standing alone in the faceoff happening with the Anti-Christ forces and their weaponry, the colossal levels of AI machinery and infrastructure used by the NAA in their attempt to encompass the planet and enfold human consciousness into the AI technological singularity. Cosmic Christos Rainbow Dragon Kings have formed into a massive Galactic sun star network of Tri-Flame Founder Capstone tesseract cubes, designed as a buffer field and hosted up into 36D. This appears purposed to redirect the artificial time waves and AI machinery, and further respond to the AI weaponry attack with their planetary defense strategy by taking over the 10th Stargate Network.

The intensity of spiritual battle gained significant momentum during the week of the Jesus Christ crucifixion narratives leading up to the Easter weekend, with numerous interdimensional battles occurring within several NAA factions warring over control for access through the 10th Stargate Network. The planet entered the Cosmic Energy Cycle earlier this year, and thus it had become apparent that the Cosmic Christos Solar Dragons of the Emerald Guardian Ascension Host were taking strategic measures to counter and protect the planet from further AI assimilation into the artificial time wave, which is the primary warfare weapon of the Anti-Christ invaders in the timeline wars. The confrontation culminated with the commandeering of the main Iraq 10D stargate with the showing of immense power of multiple Cosmic Christos Solar Dragon King forces.

  • Solar Dragon Queen Merida Returns [May 2023]

Atlantian Solar Dragon Queen Merida’s return marks the completion of the 22,000-year time cycle of NAA’s targeted Celtic-Druid Arthurian Grail line persecution since the time of Atlantis, as well as the tragic events leading up to the theft of the 11th Tribe CDT Plates plate by Thothian Nibiruian forces that subsequently carried out the Eieyani Massacre. Atlantian Solar Dragon Queen Merida’s re-emergence into the organic timelines and her return into the Albion network is the NAA’s worst nightmare, as she is the literal and figurative physical embodiment of the Cosmic Mother Rainbow Dragon, the Mother of the World, and protector of the Arthurian Grail line.

To introduce the Atlantian Solar Dragon Queen Merida, first we must understand the planetary negative alien invasion history and their intentional utter destruction of the organic spiritual consciousness of the Holy Mother’s presence and her sophianic daughter’s solar female principle in this planet, that was originally designed as a unified solar equal of eternal Cosmic Christos Consciousness.[7]

  • Building Blue Rainbow Arc Bridge [July 2023]

During the weekend leading up to the summer solstice, the planetary grid system and crystal core received a massive influx of rainbow plasmic gamma rays containing Blue Rainbow Bridge instruction sets from the Emerald Order, that are initiating stages of Diamond Sun DNA activation throughout the Paliadorian groups that have agreed to function as the universal Blue Rainbow Bridge for the rest of angelic humanity. The Blue Rainbow Bridge is a Paliadorian Diamond Sun Starborn embodiment sequence with crystal key activations for Ankh Body, in which the genetic keys are designed to act as the gatekeeper access into several intermediary portal systems created between our planetary and galactic consciousness layers and the eternal Cosmic Christos Emerald Founders. The Emerald Crystal Heartportal systems encompass massive living star geometries that are building interdimensional portal systems from the God Worlds throughout Sun-Star Disc systems that link with multiple layers of Universal Ankh Bodies and Krystal Cathedral networks, which are the spiritual dwellings of the Emerald Founders in their Triple Solar Rishi-Reisha God body emanations.[8]

  • Retrieval of Tiamat, Mother of Life, Tara and Tiamat Reunited [August 2023]

The Emerald Order Cosmic Mother, the original Mother of Dragons has finally taken her rightful place in the 10th Stargate Network restoring the sophianic connections to her daughters, the White Triple Solar Goddess emanations of the Solar Christ Mary Sophias. Cosmic Mother Dragon has brought with her the pre-fall perfected Edenic matrix of Tiamat, merging her morphogenetic patterns with pre-fall Tara to create the manifestation of the corrected sun star network for their binary stars, as Tara and Tiamat are reunited and recorded in the Ascended Master Capstone Codes now being protected in the Albion.[9]


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