Death Screen Holographic Inserts, Golden Eagle Grid

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  • HGS Session dedicated to the purposes of the Krystal Star Host for Clearing Death Screen holographic inserts broadcast from Golden Eagle Grid throughout the planetary grids


A Death Screen is also called the Green Screen of Death because it is a Holographic Insert that usually stems from the lower Astral Plane that has a sickly green and grey color. A person may carry this Death Screen into various identities and incarnations, unaware that it is connected into their Lightbody.

The Death Screen has been observed to include the following: A person whose Soul body is shutting down the physical body and preparing for the bardo transition. Usually this is accompanied with people who are severely sick with a disease like cancer.

Alien Implants used to weaken a person like a lightworker that the NAA want to weaken, make sick or exhaust them. This is more harmful to a person who does not 12D Shield or have any Ascension or Imposter Spirit awareness. In a stressed person, this will feed the death screen implant and potentially make the person sick in their astral body layers.

A energetic projection that comes out of technological devices, such as a computer screen, or corporate network, that is used for a variety of Imposter Spirit purposes. Such as curses, hexes or negative patterns to be hurled through technological devices at a perceived enemy or competitor.

Targeting for the Death Screen is also used to tag or track the person at the early process of bardo so the Imposter Spirit can go take them first when they cross over.

Ego Filters are dead energy mind control structures. We have become accustomed to the Negative Ego identity as a (supposedly normal) part of being incarnated on the 3D earth. These Mind Control structures (also used in companion with alien mind control implants) were inserted into the physical elemental bodies of human beings. This aggressively commenced as a hybridization and complete planetary infiltration of the Negative Alien Agenda (NAA) approximately 5,500 years ago.

(RRO) Star Gates

  • Tribe 2 (Florida/Jerusalem)
  • Tribe 5 (Machu Picchu/Vatican)
  • Tribe 7 (Lake Titicaca/Greece)
  • Tribe 10 (Iran/Iraq)
  • Tribe 11 (S. Ireland/S. England)
  • Tribe 12 (S. France/Kauai)

(RRO) Earth Demographic Areas

  • Central America
  • North Asia
  • South Asia
  • Southwest Asia
  • Arctic Circle

Locate Longitude

  • Guardian Buffer Field
  • Australia
  • Micronesia
  • Polynesia
  • Indonesia
  • Melanesia
  • Antarctica
  • Collect/Collapse Timeline
  • Mother Arc Portal

Locate Longitude

  • 114º W --- Canada (incl. Calgary), U.S (Montana, Idaho, Utah, Arizona), Mexico (Sonora, Baja California)

Zodiac and Planets

Challenge Identity

  • Challenge Identity - Gliloque, Eneiol, Ojaise

Geomantic Instruction

  • North Celestial Pole
  • Golden Eagle

AIM for Golden Eagle Grid

  • AIM Level 2 - Alien Implants: Mind Control
  • Fear or Phobia Trauma Memories / Genetic or Galactic Race Memory
  • Nephilim
  • Reptoid --- HT 3, 4

Geomantic Instruction

  • Krystal Algorithms
  • Correct Local Meridian
  • STS Sweep
  • Sacred Blue Cow Grid
  • Build Geomantic Structure
  • Correct Nadir Pint
  • Correct Geomantic Mapping
  • Silicate Matrix Host Imprint
  • AoA Azoth Encryption
  • Correct Local Meridian
  • Mother Arc Hubs
  • Correct Local Meridian
  • g/t Messier Objects

Messier Objects


  • Equator
  • Arctic Circle
  • Tropic of Cancer

Calculate Latitude

  • 34º N -- Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, China, South Koria, Japan, U.S. (through Los Angeles)
  • 12º N -- central Africa, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Colombia, Venezuela, Grenada
  • 25º S -- southern Africa, Australia, South America
  • 46º S -- New Zealand, Chile, Argentina

Calculate Longitude

  • 33º W -- Arctic Ocean, Greenland, Atlantic, Antarctica
  • 55º W -- Greenland, Canada, South America, Antarctica
  • 42º E -- Russia, Georgia, Turkey, Middle East, Africa
  • 55º E -- Russia, Iran, Persian Gulf

Star Logos (Constellation Matrix)

(RRO) Earth Demographic Areas Fragments

  • Caribbean
  • RRO Star Gates

(RRO) Star Gates

  • Tribe 1 (Arizona/Cyprus)
  • Tribe 3 (Bermuda/Johannesburg)
  • Tribe 6 (Russia/India)
  • Tribe 8 (China/Tibet)
  • Tribe 10 (Iran/Iraq)
  • Tribe 12 (S. France/Kauai)

AIM Level 2 - Alien Implants: Stolen, Replicated or Damaged Genetics

HGS Session References

HGS Sessions - Clearing Death Screen Holographic Inserts, Golden Eagle Grid - 4/7/2015 [1]


  1. HGS Session

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