Star Gate 1, Tribe 1 (Arizona/Cyprus)

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  • HGS Session dedicated to the purposes of the Krystal Star Host for
  • Clearing of Star Gate 1 / Tribe 1 (Arizona/Cyprus) to connect and repair the DNA and genetic time codes for that tribal identity
  • Evictions needed for Eye of Yahweh
  • Evictions for South Celestial Pole

From the DNA Synthesis entry of the Ascension Glossary:

Trans-time Integration for DNA Repair - Many of us are at different stages of the ascension process, yet at every level with a sincere heart and conscious participation we can access exactly what we require. The first suggestion is to meditate upon the 12 Tree Grid with intention to move through each personal sphere knowing this is one’s direct connection to each of the Stargates of the earth and aspects of identity. Focusing on each sphere starting at the first level (1-12), ask to know your main tribal identity within the 12 Tribes and to receive the genetic time codes that main tribal identity requires. (ES community has many 12 Tree Grid meditations that one can devote specifically to this process). Once you feel connected to that dimension of tribal identity, you may feel called to meditate with the corresponding Planetary Emancipation Gridwork and Stargates meditation (PEG).For those that have calibrated to the Hieros Gamos system in the ES Community, dedicate a session for this same purpose. In most cases one will be guided to the Chakra Crystal Keys Mapping Module or CCKM. This content has the architecture which communicates in detail the issues of this request. For planetary service, CCKM templates are built to help support planetary field and quaternary field DNA repair for multiple Guardian teams working to support planetary rehabilitation.

Challenge Identity

  • Challenge Identity - Amaymon, Cukcillium, Pistowa
  • Challenge Identity - Behemoth, Getaque, Styrck, Wauyahava, Mamdau

Zodiac and Planets

(RRO) Earth Demographic Areas

  • East Asia
  • Southeast Asia
  • Southwest Asia
  • Arctic Circle
  • Locate Longitude
  • 77º W -- Canada (Nunavut, Quebec, Ontario), United States (New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, North Carolina), Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Antarctica (claimed by Chile and UK)
  • Guardian Buffer Field
  • Australia
  • Polynesia
  • Melanesia
  • Other
  • Collect/Collapse Timeline
  • Mother Arc Portal

Star Logos (Constellation Matrix)

HGS Session References

HGS Sessions - Clearing Star Gate 1, Tribe 1 (Arizona/Cyprus) - 4/15/2015 [1]


  1. HGS Session

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